justin collette

Justin Collette

Postgraduate Research Student
Field of Research
seed ecology, threatened plants

Fire and seeds: How does the fire regime impact threatened plant species with physiological dormancy?

My research explores how patterns of plant rarity correspond with seed dormancy type. Are plants with certain types of dormancy more likely to be threatened? If so what are the mechanisms that are driving this pattern?

To answer these questions, a number of case studies will be completed focussing on threatened plants from across Australia.



Germination ecology of the endangered species Asterolasia buxifolia (Rutaceae): smoke response depends on season and light. Australian Journal of Botany 65: 283-291, 2017.

Do introduced honeybees affect seed set and seed quality in a plant adapted for bird pollination? Journal of Plant Ecology:rtw064, 2016


Level 5 EastBiological Sciences South (E26)UNSW, Kensington 2052