Dr Kate Brandis

Dr Kate Brandis

Research Fellow
Field of Research
Wetland ecology, waterbird breeding, waterbirds and stable isotopes
Research Activities

Natal site fidelity and Australian pelicans at Lake Brewster, NSW. Joint project with NSW OEH

Waterbird genetics - unraveling natal site fidelity across the Murray Darling Basin, Joint project with Macquarie University

Feather Map of Australia - www.ansto.gov.au/feathermap

Avian botulism and water management. Joint project with NSW OEH.

Occurrence of E. coli in free ranging waterbirds. Joint project with UTS

WildENFORCE - developing a real-time forensic tool to determine animal provenance. Joint project with Taronga Conservation Society, ANSTO, UTS

Nimmi-Caira Gayini consortium member.

Toxins in Feathers. Joint project with UTS.



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Level 5 East. E26 Biosciences Building, Randwick Campus