Dr Kylie Cairns

Dr Kylie Cairns

Research Fellow
Field of Research
Conservation Genetics and Biology, Population Genetics, Canids, Evolutionary Genetics

I am an early career researcher specialising in molecular biology and conservation genetics. My undergraduate (BSc) and postgraduate (PhD) training was completed at the University of New South Wales. Between 2012 and 2014, I managed a genetic testing service to estimate domestic dog introgression in dingoes, after being trained by the late A/Prof Alan Wilton. In 2017, I started working at the Centre for Ecosystem Science as a postdoctoral research. This has enabled me to start an independent research project continuing and developing my PhD studies on biogeographic variation in dingoes. Together with Professor Mike Letnic and A/Prof Mathew Crowther, partnering with the Australian Dingo Foundation, we are investigating the utility of next-generation SNP technology to estimate admixture in dingoes. This data will drive research into important scientific questions concerning the origin, biogeography and conservation of dingoes.


I am actively involved in scientific communication, to disseminate the findings of research about dingoes to the public and stakeholders. I am a scientific advisor to the New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society, New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation and Australian Dingo Foundation. I am also a board member of the Colong Foundation for Wildlife. 


Research Activities

I am interested in using genetics and genomics to investigate patterns of diversity, adaption, evolutionary history and demography. My main research interests include population genetics, conservation genetics, hybridisation and biogeography. 


(G14) Samuels Building, Centre for Ecosystem Science, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences , UNSW Australia, Sydney NSW 2052, ,