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Marina Hurley

Field of Research

Dr Marina Hurley teaches science and academic writing from a broad perspective that covers all evidence-based disciplines. Marina has an exceptionally clear understanding of the process involved in preparing and writing reports, peer-review papers and theses and has developed a highly effective and unique approach to the teaching of writing. Through her Writing Clear Science workshops, Marina works with professionals from a diverse array of disciplines and focuses on improving writing through establishing clear thinking habits. Marina is a scientist with a background in rainforest and freshwater ecology, entomology and insect-plant interactions, having completed her PhD on Stinging Trees (Dendrocnide spp).



What's your problem? A practical approach to scientific document design. Hurley, Marina. Medical Writing 21.3 201-204. 2012

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Level 5 East Biological Sciences South (E26)

UNSW, Kensington 2052