roxane francis

Roxane Francis

Postgraduate Research Student
Field of Research
Freshwater ecology and bird reproduction

Interactions between large herbivores, colonial waterbirds and flooding – implications for managing one of the worlds most diverse free-flowing river systems.

We aim to determine the relationship between colonial waterbird breeding, large herbivore distribution and river flows in the Chobe River and Okavango Delta (World Heritage Site), Botswana. The key focus for this project is to identify indicators of river sustainability, using waterbird breeding data to guide long-term management of these iconic river systems, and to encourage the continued commitment to the preservation of these wetlands as areas of international importance. This will allow assessments of likely future changes to river flows and flooding as a result of upstream changes (e.g. water resource development) and effects of climate change.



Level 5 EastBiological Sciences South (E26)UNSW, Kensington 2052